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Administrator - JUG Milton KeynesMr Hinxman is best described as a strategist who has found Joomla through his long IT journey. Being impressed by the internal design and system build he converts each and every site he runs over into Joomla.

Mr Hinxman has a extensive technical background both as an employee and as a contractor.  He has now branched into the world of \'Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing' as an affiliate.

Lately, he has developed databases and uses PHP to construct new and additional Joomla Plug-Ins to enhance the search engine behaviour of Joomla and his websites.  Mr Hinxman also acts as a drop shipper for the supply of wooden blinds on

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New and under development websites in Joomla!

Website content is always a challenge and never more so when it comes to relevant content. You can have a Joomla website framework installed in under four minutes but getting content, such as words and pictures, for your website is a challenge for most people. The obstacles and challenges most people have difficulty overcoming are:

  • Describing a storyline as a sales and branding tool of their service
  • Finding that their competitors have style but they have no style in stock: pan colours, marketing materials, logos etc
  • Gaining an appreciation to see beyond just website traffic into having a reason why website visitors should come back and be loyal to their website.

The above obstacles and challenges are no different to the ordinary vision and implementation of any business plan. The difference people find with a website is that it is still very limited as a sales tool and must be used in a very concise way so as to achieve results.

Mr Hinxman's skills are mainly technical skills but, where needed, creative skills as well:

  • Analytics and UK market niche research including competitive appraisal
  • Online marketing and branding
  • PHP 5.1 as an OOD/MVC template technology
  • Affiliate data manipulations XML/CSV
  • MySQL, Java 1.4 (Certified), XML, HTML, CSS
  • Joomla 1.5+
  • CodeCharge 2.x … 5.x
  • Commercial VoIP (Timico and SipGate)
  • CAT5e and PoE + PoS configuration
  • FoxPro 2.6 … Visual FoxPro 3,5,6,8
  • Linux, Windows XP,2000

General range of IT skills to help the local business community including some assistance with SBS installs.


  • Open University - continuous 2008-2011
    • Web applications: design, development and management
    • Databases within website design
    • Open Source Development Tools
    • The Client Side of Application Development
  • Vocational Qualifications
    • Completed: Certificate in Web Applications Development
    • Sun Certified Programmer Java 2 Platform 1.4
    • City & Guilds, Certificate in Applications Programming (COBOL)
    • NCC, Basic Certificate in Systems Analysis
    • City & Guilds, 2377/002, Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment
    • City & Guilds, 2377/001, Electrical Equipment Maintenance
    • City & Guilds, 2381, Certificate '16th Edition' regulations
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