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Why open source is better for your MK website?

When you commit to having a Joomla as your website CMS then you are undertaking a better ethical choice.

I strongly recommend that you choose Joomla components from the JED directory.  The reason why you should do this is for the protection of your interests as a website owner.  Any author of software components has to abide by ethical standards in order to be listed upon JED.  You may need such standards because it is possible for the source content of components to be encrypted and hidden from you.  You can not afford to risk your future to code that you can not see or amend.

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Data import for the Joomla developer

When to choose obGrabber in preference to something else?

obGrabber is unique in a brilliant way. It is excellent if it suits your purpose but there are some issues you have to understand and accept.

obGrabber is built from components which interface each other so that it can fetch data, manipulate it then write the data back out into permanent storage. Each of these components can be replaced, or switched, with another variation. Instead of extracting input information from RSS you can create a component which extracts information from Excel files. If the extracted information is the same then all the other processing and writing components remain the same. The seriously good component design of this application makes it an obvious choice for a programmer or developer. Serious developers should get involved with this because its design enable new components to get data from any source, do any form of manipulation against any component extracted source and then another component writes to any output source. This is total flexibility on a swop in and out component basis.

When you should NOT choose obGrabber?

Frankly, when you want to have documentation. Documentation is seriously lacking in both for the user and the developer. Version control is completely lacking. All the file headers are the same across all variations of Joomla installation and all previous versions. The coding needs a bit more care to ensure that objects being created really exist and will not output a PHP error. This is classically symptomatic of development going into the features and not into the documentation or unit testing procedures.

User documentation should be about features and functions with rock solid working examples. Just don't expect any of this because these people are pure code developers.

Mitigation of the above

Totally fantastic support to configure and get what you want running and working.

Final Conclusion

Subscribe to this now rather than later if it suits your purpose. With a lack of documentation they will be buried under by their success later on and support standards will be at a risk of falling in future.

Project Code Contribution

How can JUG Milton Keynes help you achieve involvement in the Joomla project?

1. We can help you amend Plug-In code and Joomla Extensions

We feed such changes and improvements back to the individual developers if you so wish.  This helps the developer improve their extension which can, in turn, improve Joomla as a complete offering.

2. We can help you articulate your needs and concerns

Every aspect of life has its own language and its best methods of communication.  Joomla forums are no different to any other single interest group - you need to convey your problems in a manner best suited to gaining understanding and help.  We can help you find the best people to help you and help you express yourself to them.  I am not saying that you will find a community of Joomla Geeks, far from it, but you will need to be concise in your communication to these helpful but busy people.

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