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Why open source is better for your MK website?

When you commit to having a Joomla as your website CMS then you are undertaking a better ethical choice.

I strongly recommend that you choose Joomla components from the JED directory.  The reason why you should do this is for the protection of your interests as a website owner.  Any author of software components has to abide by ethical standards in order to be listed upon JED.  You may need such standards because it is possible for the source content of components to be encrypted and hidden from you.  You can not afford to risk your future to code that you can not see or amend.

The GPL version 2 or above licence terms and rules of JED itself will not allow authors to hold back code from your downloaded component.  You need to have the final say and therefore the final ability to change the code of any website you are developing.  This is true even if you can not amend the source yourself because you can always have the option to employ someone who can amend the code for you.

PHP can be applied with encryption to protect the source from being understood or used by others.  This is acceptable where such agreements and understanding exist between the web component author and the website owner.  There are critical dangers and risks to accepting such terms.  The code could do something wrong, something malicious, code tied to 5.3 or older versions of PHP or frankly you may simply want to change what the code actually does or how it does it.  Joomla JED listing rules simply will not permit authors to restrict your options.

Another big risk to code encryption is for authors to simply deliver fake components, take your money and deliver a value of nothing because they may claim to have the functionality hidden in code which you can not see.  The delivered value can be zero.

This is how a zero value scam can operate. It is quite complex to setup but it does happen in the real world.  You can have a JavaScript demo site which looks like a nice demo with the software but in actual fact it is a shallow pretense of functionality. There is no website or customer actually using this software. Part of the code is hidden and encrypted as if it was the core library offering value.  It is in fact just like an empty box of no value with absolutely no proof of delivered value.

When you use decoding methods to get back to the source it shows just repeat dummy statements in PHP.

Tip: Have a careful consideration of where the final sales money goes to.  If you are sending a payment to a Yahoo email account rather than a domain name based account, where you can at least trace the email account, then something is very wrong. Frankly, it is more likely to be a scam and you would not have suffered such a scam if the component was published in the JED Joomla directory.

If you want a reliable Milton Keynes website, or in fact any decent website in Joomla, then I would recommend that you only accept proper component development standards and ethics defined by the JED Joomla group.

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