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Life changes and none more so than in your business life. JUG Milton Keynes has helped a local trader when he moved out of Milton Keynes to semi-retire in Torquay.

When you semi-retire it is important to maintain your existing skills and trade. Men in particular, can suffer ill health when they retire and give up work. Statistically, one third of all retiring men will suffer a serious illnes within six months of retiring.  It makes alot of healthy common sence to keep your hand in, maintain some income and an interest in your main trading skills. Keeping your mind healthy to keep your body healthy.

You do NOT have to spend a fortune, or have to pay some excessive fees, to maintain your semi-retirement trickle income. You can setup a website in Joomla with some pictures and some content plus get some help here and off you go to start this new phase of your life.

There are substantial advantages when traders to do this, not only because of better health prospects but also because their new life needs to have shape and they need to become part of their community. Having a Joomla website means that you can express your life long skills in your trade or profession without having to pay for the overheads of office space or premisses. You get to be known for what you do and you take on what you are comfortable and able to do.

It does not matter what level of sucess you may have achived in your business or trading career. Your website presence in Joomla is your way of introducing yourself to your new town or region community. You express your unique and useful skills you can bring to your new community where you decide to semi-retire.

The Joomla User Group of Milton Keynes wishes good health and fortune to Brian, formally a locksmith in Milton Keynes, relocate to become a semi-retired locksmith in Torquay.


JUG Milton Keynes helps local Milton Keynes traders live their life while doing good and sensible business.

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