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Gilbert's Paintings

Gilbert Csecs is an artist living in Banbury, some thirty miles north west of Milton Keynes.

Gilbert is returning to his lifetime ambition to paint.  He uses oil or water mixable oils with a passion for his subjects: Ballet, Devon and Banbury.

Gilbert Painting In ActionGilbert wishes to sell his artwork so that he can progress in his oil painting studies. His website is built in Joomla 2.5 and uses the latest version of SimpleCaddy.  The Gilbert's Paintings website gives him an online platform for people to see and perhaps purchase his artwork.  Gilbert sells original works of art as well as reproductions of his artwork, namely: greeting cards and signed prints.  Transactions are handled by PayPal at a minimum setup and commission cost.

This self-authored website is his first website and for his web presence.  Gilbert is very active in his work and puts a great deal of effort into craft shows and art exhibitions.  The website is therefore supported by business cards and word-of-mouth.

You can get a good appreciation of his efforts when you visit his website: (Gilbert's Paintings is currently offline)

Gilbert is also learning to express himself in his own 'website words' so let him speak for himself and see what he says...

Gilbert Csecs – Artist Reborn after 30 years

This is your chance to see what is happening near Banbury Cross the home of the famous nursery rhyme then you visit the link below where Gilbert Csecs has rediscovered his passion for painting. In the late seventies and early eighties he was producing paintings inspired by his love of Ballet. Gilbert’s love of muscle tones and the fascination for the female body have been beautifully captured in oils. He was inspired by his late wife Alison who taught Ballet and modern dance to eager students.

However Gilbert always thought that painting was a fairly anti-social hobby and when they married and settled down to a busy working life no painting were produced for 30 years

If you visit Gilbert’s website you will discover the story of why he has picked up oils and brushes again by clicking onto the painting “Sitting Ballerina” which has inspired him to produce a number of pictures that capture the movement, grace and beauty of dance.

Gilbert does not just paint dance and will be working on paintings inspired by his love of Instow and Appledore in North Devon where many very happy holidays have been spent and he is beginning to capture the extraordinary beauty of the views across to Appledore.

In his own words he wants to bring a smile to everyone’s face and wants everyone to feel the passion and emotion that goes into his paintings. Everyone has the opportunity to share the passion as he has produced beautiful cards and limited edition prints of his work.

Gilbert is also very happy to undertake commissions and more than happy to discuss his work with anyone who shares the passion. He regularly takes part in local exhibitions and craft fairs where people can enjoy seeing the originals in all their glory. In the early days many sleepless nights were endured until a painting was finished. After 30 years things have calmed down and he is painting with a renewed confidence continuing to be inspired by dance and the North Devon coastline My main objective with my paintings is to bring a smile to everyone’s face and I would hope that people can feel some of the passion and emotion that goes into these works.

Gilbert is a member of Banbury and District Art Society and also attends Bloxham Art Group as he is always looking at further developing his creative skills. He has a structured approach to his work and has been inspired by the freedom and expression that other techniques bring to creating paintings which will be evident over the coming months when new work is added to his website.

So if you are looking for something extra special then please visit the following website:

(Gilbert's Paintings is currently offline)

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