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Joomla Group member needed for Security Solutions Company in Milton Keynes

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They must be running a NSI approved security company based in Milton Keynes. Typically, a locally well known brand name security installation company wanting to use Joomla to build promotion to their website and promote professional Milton Keynes burglar alarm installations. Of advantage is to be an installer of CCTV systems for commercial or domestic customers.

Your website should be informative and offer advice concerning home security burglar alarms and CCTV.  Content such as...

"You do not have to be burgled to be aware and think constructively about your home security. Modern alarms have advanced well beyond the traditional bell box. The functionality offered by each alarm varies because they can be customised and installed according to your needs.

The modern alarm has a small intelligent micro processor brain which stands guard over your home while you are sleeping or away. Many features are possible such as: attached smoke detectors, garden shed zones, garage zones and individual alarm zones with separate rules governing their security. Your brainy alarm system even SMS notifies you of alarm detection. All of this sounds complicated but quality design also makes it so simple to operate.

How can a properly configured alarm work simply to protect and guard your Milton Keynes home?

Having a NSI approved alarm installed should be your first consideration. These NSI approved security alarms meet with insurance requirements because they function reliably and have the correct sequence of intruder detection when notifying the police authorities. Milton Keynes police will not respond to false alarms so there are minimum standards to prevent false alarm calls. Put simply, an alarm response system must be able to detect a burglar, or intruder, via two separate methods of detection in each zone area or by two detectors located in separate areas. This is a minimum standard of any professional alarm system and it is designed to prevent the possibility of one detector giving a false alarm. Cheap off-the-shelf DIY kits do not have to comply with the NSI standard and are not accepted by the police for police response."

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